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Human Creations

We’re alive in the most wonderful of times, a time where world-class design is infused with even the most humble of items, the toilet brush.
At Target, you can also buy an $8 toilet brush designed by acclaimed architect Michael Graves. And if you’re really a showoff you can try Excalibur, the $32 toilet brush by [...]

Hard Karma

Bruce Sterling’s State of The World 2009 is one of the most amazing things I’ve read online in a long time. It touches on politics, economics, environmental/global warming, humans/social topics, and The Commons/Copyright. Some of it was really scary, some really exciting, some really interesting. All of it, however, was different to anything else I’d [...]

Living in Our World

Everywhere, I’m bombarded with either advertising or sterility. Where’s the real? Where’s the human? Where’s the living? This post looks at both sides under the microscope, with photos along the way. It also offers answers to bunk reasons, and puts forward alternative scenarios.
Most shopping centres now have TV’s above escalators playing ads that no one [...]

22 August 2008 @ 8pm


Modern Media Reading, Using Soical Networks

About 2 years ago I stopped consuming formal media. I turned off TV, for good, I turned away all news papers and placed my trust in the power of the internet. I knew that if something was important, the blogsphere would speak, and I would be exposed to it quickly1.

This message was re-confirmed last year, [...]

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