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Back Up OSX With Rsync

There’s a lot of costly backup applications for OSX, which are nothing more than flashy front-ends for the inbuilt OSX command, rsync. After having a few friend’s HDDs fail recently, it was time to finish my backup solution for a free automated remote backup.

To do this, I coupled rsync, a shell script, idisk, and cron. YMMV, but here we go;-

Gratuitous-ARP:~ wadem$ more
sudo rsync -E -a -x -S --delete /Users/wadem/Documents/ /Volumes/wadeis/Documents/
sudo rsync -E -a -x -S --delete /Users/wadem/Sites/ /Volumes/wadeis/Sites/
sudo rsync -E -a -x -S --delete --exclude-from /Users/wadem/photo_noback.txt /Users/wadem/Pictures/ /Volumes/wadeis/Pictures/
Gratuitous-ARP:~ wadem$

Gratuitous-ARP:~ backup$ crontab -l
7 0-23/3 * * * sudo /Users/wadem/

backup ALL=NOPASSWD: /Users/wadem/, /usr/bin/rsync

It is Good.


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