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Comments on:China’s Mix of Authoritarianism and Capitalism With Naomi Klein

Original posted at Tim Longhurst (article here). I’ve got a question I’d like your feedback on. It’s a short story, so keep on reading…

I posted a reply on Tim’s blog, asking for comments and clarification of my comment. I’m still interested in what people think, so am sending it to a bigger audience, and wondering what you think….Watch the below video

China’s leaders might be called the “Communist Party”, but if Beijing is anything to go by, this nation is a celebration of a capitalism. So this is what happens when you mix market-minded capitalism with the heavy handed control of authoritarianism?
Tim Longhurst

And now my comment/reply:

As a big fan of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine, I was very excited to this video with Naomi Klein.

I found the video interesting, but found balance a little weird.

I don’t understand China’s economic model very well, nor is my understanding of Communism the best, but I think I get the jists of both.

I get the feeling China’s gone back to a more Totalitarianism style government like in the Mao-era, than the Communism it’s known for now. So why the McCommunism tag by Naomi? I get the Mc bit, but applied to a form of government that’s not really being practiced?

The focus of the government is clearly not in any way to develop the people. It’s all about selling as much as possible.

Naomi calls this the most successful economy in the world. Okay, so should we be following this model? Of course the answer is no. As Naomi also says, there’s a lot of dissent in China against the current policies.

What happens when human rights enter China? The McCommunism isn’t going to be doing so well then.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s over thrown. Why is The West celebrating this form of economic result, when it’s only temporary? It’s unstable, and unethical to boot.

If anyone can correct or clarify any of the above, I’d be greatly appreciative.




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