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Here’s a great example of becoming more connected and linked in this ‘new digital age’, the age of the semantic web. Which seems to be getting more and more real every day. The next few years are going to be exciting.
Blue Bottle Coffee Co 
Environments are becoming tag/rich, some times they are even embedded with data, such as QR Codes. Metadata, Micro Formats, and RDF’s (Resource Description Framework) become increasingly important about allowing devices to determine who,what, where, when, why, and what context/relation is taking place.

All these items are stored within the file. Transporting information within a file, including location, setting, and license is important. As important is the data repositories that are storing this data. What are they doing with it, and how ‘open’ are they with access and licensing?

A while ago I was searching for a new theme for this blog. After reading Ellen Lupton’s book onTypography, titled Thinking With Type. The section on Grid inspired a more simple, type-based blog, using a Grid system. Eventually I found Derek Powazek’s Theme, called Depo-Clean.

I hacked it up a bit, and ended up shooting a mail to Derek with my results. Going back to his website, I started reading his blog, and he’s a really cool dude, with a really cool blog. Subscribing, I’ve been following for a month or so.

Today Derek’s posted about some street art in Linden Lane, after going to Blue Bottle Coffee Co in San Francisco. I’ve been to Linden Lane and Blue Bottle, I’ve walked those streets. When I lasted walked them, there was no street art there. In a few months I’ll be moving to SF. I’m an avid fan of Blue Bottle and Street Art. I’m excited about seeing them both combined.

Derek’s post on his blog, is about his experience that after posting the street art up on flickr, that the artist found it and commented upon the work. That’s the bridging of another connection. Very Cool!

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