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22 August 2008 @ 8pm


Modern Media Reading, Using Soical Networks

About 2 years ago I stopped consuming formal media. I turned off TV, for good, I turned away all news papers and placed my trust in the power of the internet. I knew that if something was important, the blogsphere would speak, and I would be exposed to it quickly1.

This message was re-confirmed last year, [...]

Staff Who Follow Stupid Policy

Seth Godin in Small is the New Big, talks about following policy in a post titled A Wake Up Call about Wake Up Calls.

Before going to work out, I called to cancel my wake up so the ringing phone wouldn’t bother the neighbors. The receptionist then asked, “Would you like me to cancel the follow [...]

Flickr 888 - Free Tibet

Flickr 888 - Free Tibet - Madam Lasher

As a member of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, I joined the I Will Not Watch Campaign. Flickr launched their 888 Photo Sharing/Celebration, and I thought that was a nice way to avoid watching any TV.
Flickr 888, made me pause. It made me think about who I am, [...]

I Get to Buy My First Lunch

A few months, and several hundred visitors ago, I launched a Free Lunch in the About on my homepage.

Today Isadore from Child Soldiers, sent me a tweet;-

From there we jumped onto mail, and it turns out I indeed owe her a lunch. It also turns out there was a hidden hand at play here. Again, [...]

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