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Well, the summer of coffee actually began 42 weeks ago with the below package;

From here out came the AeroPress, which soon found it’s way into the office and good coffee was everywhere.

This spawned the investigation of coffee over summer. A Kone and V60 were purchased

Soon a trip to Mecca’s roastworks was in order to get back to the source.

This inspired a Buono to help with spout control, and somewhere getting I was. Arrived I did.

Next up came cafes, tasting and sipping their methods of brew

Sample Coffee

Brother Baba Budan

Blue Bottle Coffee Co

Throughout the world, the summer continued

outside Paul Bassett, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

After months of watching and sampling, and my final additions, I was keen to try many different beans and much much coffee.

To close out the summer, another roaster trip and more cafes to pay homage and compare.

I’ve learnt a lot, enjoyed a bucket load more, and am greatly pleased I undertook the investigation known as #thesummerofcoffee.

San Francisco

2 years, the time I lived in San Francisco, in reflection, seems like just the right amount of time to start to know a place. Although a small city, it’s hugely active, dynamic, and is as happening as it’s preceding reputation.

Keeping in mind the myriad of other guide to SF, I thought I’d take a different route. If you’re around for a short holiday, I’d like to suggest a few things outside of the tourist traps.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Things to do:-

  • Catch Muni 33 to Golden Gate Park — probably the best bus ride in the entire city, it cuts across the city, gives an amazing view, and ends up at the park
  • Eat a super burrito @ Taqueria Cancun — Taquerias are a big deal, everyone has their favorite. Cancun in the Mission is multi award winning. (Over time I’ve eaten the whole menu here)
  • Check out’s Open Friday Lunch — One of the best kept secrets in the city. has an open door policy on Fridays. A chance to learn what the internet’s archive is getting up to.
  • Go hiking in Muir Woods — A short bus ride over the golden gate bridge, this national park has some of the oldest trees in the world.
  • Head to Noise Bridge, check out an open, hacker space. Free Wifi, Workshops, Desks, Darkrooms, Noise Bridge is a great community.
  • Check out Berkeley, try go on Sunday and enjoy a donation lunch @ Wat Mongkolratanaram
  • Grab a coffee(or two) @ Four Barrel Coffee, wander Valencia, enjoy @ Dolores Park
  • Spend some time @ the SF SPCA. The SF SPCA does amazing work. It’s a lovely building, beautifully fitted with cute animals, a lot starving for human interaction.
  • If into climbing, check out Mission Cliffs. If into swimming check out Mission or Garfield Pools ($5)
  • For some killer, humble Indian Alhamra can’t be beat.
  • Sundays in Spring/Summer/Fall there’s usually something on worth checking out. Sunday Streets, Pride, Folsom Street, Love Evolution, are some events that I’ve been to and enjoyed.
  • If you’re still looking for things to do, check out and craigslist for all kinds of local events


There’s a lot more to do and see in the city. I enjoy geeking and eating out, with a good bit of exercise also. This list reflects that. *Photo by Kayvee

Present Writing, Musing

I sit here now reflective of how much support I’ve received over the years. To be writing in WordPress, on a laptop, to understand HTML, how web servers work, humbling. It’s easy to focus on one part of life, escaping the cosmic picture.

Self Focus. Building networks is/are great. It helps. It enables other to help themselves in the same way that I have been taught and continue to learn off others. We do not do this alone.

There’s lots I could have, should have linked to over this time, but I’ve been too busy—Self Occupied. I pushed away current events to focus on the bigger picture of helping others. Easy to say to take a leaf out of my own book.

The realization’s been coming for a while, a root canal broke through. Awoken me to human existence, interconnectedness, and the not need or fascination, but the reality of sharing.

The gaps of silence have been a learning period. Sometimes there is too much of silence—it has a place, but only to some end. Impossible is just a word. There is huge inequality and suffering in the world, I believe we are working on this. The internet plays a role, as have all the forms of infrastructure and communication networks before it. I look to a happy world, and a bright future.

I understand that I must look after myself, but also to not self-isolate. Playing hero isn’t hero at all, it’s a little silly, and potentially life risking.

I’m not thinking reinvention, that’d be running away. The ecosystem of life, our balance and relation that’s where I’m coming from/to. No agile touch, management speak. Meditation helps me, as does Yoga.

We all have specializations and skills. We all have experiences and life stories to learn from each other. To be closed it to reduce the world.

A stake in time. A slower pace of life. What’s really important is not Class A networks aka 16,777,216 host nodes. They are needed, but what’s more important is water, food, shelter, health, and for things like Internets, Electricity.

All resources end. I feel my goal/our goal is to be here, understand we are fortunate and from here be ourselves. The future in this regard isn’t magical, it’s always from now. It is exciting to be alive, the online/offline world has changed, in my eyes, so much over the past few years. 3D Movies couldn’t have existed. Technology. It’s a story, talking about our lives and emotions, which is the purpose…a journey. To allow us, to reflect and pause.

In this way, open-ness is a form of creation. Web, Social, Art, Music work for me. We all have our things. I’ve been putting mine off and away. Time to live, time to be. I feel/find the lessons of my life are powerful in the moment, but often only later do I understand what it is that I’ve actually learnt, but then what? Right?

I’m humbled to be alive in 2010, thankful to have had so many amazing experiences, and am looking forward to wholly entering and experiencing many more to come.

Treasure Island Wireless - SF.Gov + Nodecity

Over the past few months I’ve been tweeting about Treasure Island. Not the one from the movie, but an island in San Francisco.

What I’ve been doing over there is helping SF.Gov’s Department of Technology deploy a Cisco Wireless Mesh.

Instead of blabbing on about it, I’ve put together a 5 minute 27 second video, below.

Treasure Island Wireless - SF.Gov + Nodecity from Nodecity on Vimeo.

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